“Truth Resists Simplicity”

I first heard this little nugget of wisdom from the author John Green in his Crash Course: History series on YouTube (it’s fun and simple, give it a watch). It really stuck with me and it dawned on me how it seems to be pretty much a universal constant when dealing with human affairs. I wanted to introduce this early in my blog as it is one of the maxims that is always at the back of my mind when I discuss things. It keeps me open to other people’s perspective on things, perspectives which I may not have considered before. It allows me to absorb new information or evidence which I may have not previously known about, which can alter my opinions or my stance on things. It allows me to do this because the idea that “truth resists simplicity”, is pretty much true by definition. Most truths are inherently complex (we’re talking about in human affairs rather than in things such as maths where 2+2 = 4…but you could even argue once you get to theoretical maths and dealing with things such a infinity truth is complex there too), you can take any situation and break it down into its premises and constituent parts and you will find a convoluted array contradictions, axioms, beliefs, presumptions, assertions, and so on and so forth.

The only truth going forward is that to create a united global people is going to be a very complicated matter as we decide what paradigms to follow, and what truths those paradigms are built upon. We have powerful tools such as reason, objectiveness, and observation in our kit though. With these we can plan and proceed pragmatically, clearing any veils of deception and obscurity to build a prosperous earth for all.

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