Torn Apart (Image credit to Reddit user /u/govindap

About To What Purpose

In a time of Donald Trump, Brexit, an ever-increasing atmosphere of divisive politics, and rampant moral outrage on social media…unity has never seemed so far away. The Left and Right are at each other’s throats throwing insults, accusations, and dehumanising anyone who isn’t in their tribe. Trust in politicians and mainstream media is at an all-time low, fake news has exploded out of nowhere, and the public no longer have any idea who they can trust to inform them with integrity.

We lack unity, we lack a collective human consciousness, and we lack purpose. If human civilization is ever to evolve and progress beyond its current state, we need to get our collective shit together and start working as a united global species. The key to our evolution is knowledge, information and the ability for human society to adapt to new challenges. We need constructive discussion of knowledge and information based in reason and truth. Knowledge is not partisan to any political movement, or any group, or any individual, and no matter what ideology or belief system you stand by, knowledge and truth take precedence.

Humanity is at a crossroads and what we decide to do over the 21st century will have long lasting ramifications on what it means to be human and to be a member of Earth’s community. Will we stagnate, or will we prosper? Will we achieve true greatness or are we predestined to forever repeat history? Will we tear ourselves apart, or will we unite and evolve society to the next level?

TWP is an ongoing project to try and address these issues and to create and discover what a gestalt human identity should/could/would be through the sharing of knowledge and productive discourses of how we as a species should progress into the future.